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May 27, 2010
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Sailor Eris by OginZ Sailor Eris by OginZ
So, my entry for Drachea's contest here :icondrachearannak-fc:.


And no, it isn't sakura but apple blossom by the way :D. In my story each dwarf planet Senshi has her own flower/plant.

here you can see Eris's sister Yuna aka Sailor Dysnomia

Name: Ayaka Sugihara
Birthdate: 15.04
Zodiacal sign: Aries
Age: 16
Blood group: A
Eyes colour: dark cherry
Hair colour: violet
Favourite colour: dark red
Favourite food: cherry-pie, apple tart
Favourite subject: history, literature
Likes: reading (esp. legends, sagas, myths, fairy tales), music, theatre (her actual school group), sports (esp. fencing - her past group), playing games and cards, betting and arguing
Dislikes: to lose, hypocrisy, falsehood, lies, intrigues, rumours, dishonourableness, dishonesty, bunco and swindle, exams, spirits and drunkards
Character: excitable, venturesome, honest, ambitious, a bit vain ;), curious, extrovert, spontaneous, straightforward and truthful
Family: she has a younger sister Yuna. Their father died because of alcoholism. Their mother is an owner of a beauty parlour.
Ayaka likes her sister and vice versa, but they don't get along quite well. They are too different and don't fully understand each other. Ayaka thinks that her sister is a liar and tries to make her stop it, to be more open and sincere.
Yuna always tries to avoid these scoldings. She secretly envies her sister, eventhough she can't acknowledge it to herself. She sometimes dislikes or even hates Ayaka, but can't say her feelings directly, prefers to keep mum and bear her a grudge.

Henshin: Eris Power! Make Up!
Catchphrase: I won't forgive your mean and unfair deeds!
Attack 1: "Eris Sword!" Just using her weapon like a normal sword.
Attack 2: "Discordia's Cross!" She waves her sword X-wise in front of her. Thus two crossed red discharges appeare and fly away, hitting, hurting or even destroying the enemy.
Attack 3: "Eris Blessing!" She uses her sword in the scabbard like a staff to produce a stream of apple blossoms to purify an enemy or a victim.

Prehistory: Long long ago all the dwarf planet warriors were the defenders of the solar system as well. One day Dark Master Indiffero appeared and was so mighty that he could even turn both Sailor Eris and Sailor Dysnomia evil and they became Dark Senshi.
Only with the help of Queen Serenity and the Silver Crystal Eris could be purified (because of turning Dark for a while she has black colour in her sailor outfit, not because she is Discordia). But her sister's body was accidentally destroyed as the Senshi tried to defeat Dark Master. He disappeared but wasn't dead. Queen Serenity saved the soul of Dysnomia and send her to Earth. Later on she also send (as we all know ;)) all the others Senshi to Earth, too. They were reborn, Eris and Dysnomia are sisters again. (I know that they are mother and daughter in the mythology but I wanted to make a bit different story =).)

Story: One day Dark Master Indiffero appeared again and started to collect the emotions from people of Earth. He needs them to become stronger. But people, after losing their feelings, are indifferent - just like robots.
Sailor Senshi awaken and try to protect the human. Only Sailor Dysnomia isn't awakened until Dark Master happens to meet her and makes her his servant again. She becomes his right hand and the leader of his puppets.

After realizing that her sister is her enemy, Sailor Eris is shocked and can't attack her. She always tries to persuade Dysnomia to give up, but it doesn't work. One day she is even badly hurt, because she can't believe that Yuna can hit her. Only the help of other Senshi can save her.

But then Eris protects Dysnomia from her displeased Master and Yuna is really amazed. She begins to realize her true feelings towards Ayaka. At this moment, not only she but also Sailor Eris can be finally purified and her wings (as well as her stockings ;)) become white. And with all their power united Senshi can defeat Dark Master!
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